Friday, 7 October 2011

Assessing the Impact of 9/11 Ten Years On: Presentations Available to View

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This was a very sucessful event and we were delighted with the enourmous turnout.  Thanks to all those who came along. Please check the blog for details of our next event.
Below are video recordings of the speakers presentations; just click the title for each video.

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Dr Dibyesh Anand

‘9/11 Was Not 9/11: Facilitating “Democracy Limited Inc” in the West’

Professor David Chandler

‘9/11 and the Reconstitution of Order and Meaning’

Professor Roland Dannreuther

Dr Aidan Hehir

Dr Patricia Hogwood

‘The Impact of 9/11on European Immigration Policy’

Dr Thomas Moore

‘9/11 and the Revival of Geopolitics’

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  1. Thanks for this great event it was an interesting and thought-provoking initiative and it seems to have been a successful one in that.
    One question that I didn`t get a chance to ask:
    It seems like some of you agree that 9/11 effectively had a positive impact on the West (role, enemy,...). Therefore, did anyone of you get tempted to engage with and maybe even believe in the conspiracy ideas about the 9/11 attacks?

    Best regards,
    Peter Hunya (IR, 3rd year)