Monday, 8 October 2012

Security and International Relations Seminar Series

Below is a list of forthcoming seminars in the Security and International Relations Seminar series. Hope to see you there….

25th October 2012
Ausuma Monajed, Member of the Syrian National Council and Executive Director of the Strategic Research & Communication Centre:
“What’s next in the Syrian Conflict?”

15th November 2012
Dr Toby Dodge, Reader in International Relations, LSE:
“Intervention and dreams of exogenous state-building; the applications of the Liberal Peace to Afghanistan and Iraq”

6th December 2012
Mark Kersten, creator of, and contributor to, Justice in Conflict blog, LSE:
“Bursting the Bubble: Lessons of Social Media's Impact on Social Activism from KONY2012 and Beyond”

All seminars start at 18:00 and will be held in the Westminster Forum, 5th Floor, 32-38 Wells Street, London, W1T 3UW. Contact Dr Aidan Hehir for further details (

“Useful or Useless?: The EU Role in the Arab Revolts”

Thanks to all of you who attended the first of this year’s Security and International Relations Programme Seminars last Thursday (4th October).
Professor Rosemary Hollis gave a seminar titled, “Useful or Useless?: The EU Role in the Arab Revolts”.
This was a fascinating, and very timely analysis, of the impact of the EU’s policies towards the Middle East and North Africa prior to the eruption of the “Arab Spring”. Professor Hollis advanced a very critical assessment – particularly of the UK’s role – and argued that the EU exacerbated the tensions and frustration amongst the general public which exploded in late 2010.
A video of her talk is available here….
All the best,