Monday, 17 January 2011

'Accountability of Private Security Contractors'

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Below is a link to an event organised by the Georgetown Law, the International Law Society and Military Law titled 'Accountability of Private Security Contractors'.

This relates to this Thursday's Intervention and Statebuilding seminar and may be of interest,

Below is a short summary of the conference's contributions

Gary Solis, Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University Law Center discussed the need to introduce policy to reform the Private Military Sector, to ensure a higher degree of accountability.
Doug Brooks, President of International Peace Operations Association discussed the role of PSC industry in peacekeeping abroad. He also discussed the difficulties of achieving criminal accountability for the PSCs.
Jim Bond, Senior Counsel for Foreign and International Law, speaking for DynCorp, claimed that the industry is ready to receive directions from the government, arguing that the industry requires the government's policy contribution in creating regulation to direct the conduct of the Private Military Contractors.
Jennifer Daskal, Senior Counterterrorism Counsel for Human Rights Watch, focused on the human rights issues raised by the current use of PSCs. Daskal underlined the need to issue financial penalties for PSCs whose acts are not lawful, and compensation mechanisms in favour of the local population subject to unlawful acts by PSCs.
Jeffrey A. Green, President of J.A. Green and Company, LLC, warned against many misconceptions on PSCs, whilst at the same time emphasised the importance of contractual terms as a means to regulate the conduct of PSCs.
W. Hays Parks, Senior Associate Deputy General Counsel, International Affairs, U.S. Department of Defense, discussed the constitutional implications of trying civilians before courts martial in the USA.

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PhD Candidate, Security and International Relations Programme (DPIR)

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