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September 26th, 18:00, Fyvie Hall, 309 Regent Street

Since March 2011 the crisis in Syria has continued largely unabated and dominated the international political agenda. This roundtable brings together an array of experts from the Department of Politics and International Relations to discuss various aspects of the crisis (see speakers and topics below) and its implications for contemporary, and future, international relations. All are welcome.

"Neither Washington nor Moscow, neither Riyadh nor Tehran: What happened to the Syrian revolution?"
Dr James Allinson (Lecturer in International Relations)

"We Must (Not) Act: Politics of Imperialism and Humanitarianism"
Dr Dibyesh Anand (Head of the Department of Politics and International Relations and Reader in International Relations)

"Lessons From Africa"
Dr Hannah Cross (Lecturer in International Relations)

"Russia and Syria"
Professor Roland Dannreuther (Dean of School and Professor of International Relations)

"Sectarian Narratives and the Escalation of the Conflict"
Dr Abdelwahab El-Affendi (Reader in Politics)

"The Security Council and the Responsibility to Protect After Syria"
Dr Aidan Hehir (Reader in International Relations and Director of the Security and International Relations Programme)

"Iran, Syria and Lebanon"
Dr Farhang Morady (Senior Lecturer in Globalization and Development)

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