Thursday, 25 November 2010

Intervention and Statebuilding Seminar Series Reading Group

Hello all,
On the Monday before each Intervention and Statebuilding Seminar we will have a reading group to discuss the work of the invited speaker.

On the 9th December Dr Oisin Tansey will be speaking on 'Evaluating the Legacies of Statebuilding: East Timor in Comparative Perspectives' (see yesterday's post below). So, on Monday 6th December @ 14:00 in the Westminster Forum we will have a reading group based on two of Oisin's articles listed below (particularly the article in International Peacekeeping). They are available to download via the library e-journal catalogue (if you cannot download them please e-mail me).

Oisin Tansey (2007) 'The Concept and Practice of Democratic Regime-Building', International Peacekeeping, 14/5, pp. 633-646
Oisin Tansey and Dominic Zaum (2009) 'Muddling Through Kosovo', Survival, 51/1, pp. 13-20

This will be of particular interest to PhD, MA and Level 6 UG students though all are welcome.

Hope to see you there,


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